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About Dave Neuendorf

Writing fiction is a third career for Dave (David William Neuendorf). Trained as a chemist (BS, Valparaiso University) and metallurgist (MS, Purdue University), his first career was research and development in extractive metallurgy (developing processes for extracting metals from rocks). His second career, and current day job, is writing software as a contractor, using Java and its Swing user interface library. If you’re curious about that, his resume is available online. His third career as a fiction author officially began on February 7, 2016, when he published his first fantasy novel, The Summoned King, as a Kindle book on Amazon.

Dave’s hobbies include shooting, computer gaming, and of course, reading. He has loved fantasy and science fiction since the first grade, adding thrillers and westerns in later years. His favorite novel as a child was David and the Phoenix, a fantasy (now, we might call it children’s urban fantasy), by Edward Ormondroyd.

Over the years, every time Dave read a novel, his mind would wander on different paths that the story could take. Sometimes he would make notes about plot ideas inspired by something in those stories. After decades of collecting such notes, the dam burst and he began writing a political thriller about a CIA whistleblower’s assassination. About a third of the way through that story, the inspiration for a fantasy came out of nowhere. Postponing the thriller, he began work on The Summoned King. He plans to finish two more books in the series, The Kalymbrian Chronicles, before returning to the thriller.

Dave lives in southeast Indiana with his wife, Patti, and two of their three sons. They are all partial to northern dog breeds, and currently enjoy the company of a male Samoyed, a female Siberian Husky, and a male giant Alaskan Malamute. Tired of the trend for so much modern fiction to be based in California or New York, he plans to have a connection to southeast Indiana in any of his Earth-based novels.

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