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Synopsis of The Enchanter King

Here is the synopsis that will introduce The Enchanter King on Amazon’s book page. It will also appear on the back cover of the paperback.

James Madison Young, American teen, has been summoned to serve as the figurehead King of Kalymbria. Not one to be satisfied with a do-nothing role, he has wrested control from the corrupt ruling council. After solidifying his hold on the reins of government power, he has instituted the first of his planned reforms: abolition of slavery and human sacrifice. A year after his summoning, he now must defeat rebellious former Council members who seek a return to the old ways. Martialing the newly raised Kalymbrian Legion, he leaves his pregnant wife, Julia, to serve as regent, and sets out to suppress the nascent rebellion before it can plunge his country into unbridled civil war. Along the way, he invents powerful new enchanted devices, and meets interesting new allies, dangerous new foes, and a dragon!

First Draft of The Enchanter King Finished

Finally, I’ve finished the first draft of The Enchanter King, the second book in The Kalymbrian Chronicles trilogy. It’s being read and edited by several family members, and my cover designer, Brandi McCann, is working on the cover. It should be available in Kindle and paperback editions in a few weeks, unless my editors ask for major changes.

Why did it take me so long to finish this book? I think it’s because this part of the plot is mainly a military campaign, and I had to find ways to keep it interesting. I find endless military activities to be very boring, and I’m assuming many of my readers would feel the same way. The third and last book, The Last King, should be easier to write, and I hope to finish it this year (2017).